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Students with an interest in computers, mathematics, or the arts

No prior computer programming skills are required, but those already possessing some background will

allow for an easier and smoother transition.

Investigate the power of computers in computational analysis using the Processing computer language. The Processing computer language is a freely available and was designed for the sole purpose of teaching the fundamentals of computer programming in a VISUAL context. In this course students will develop the necessary skills for using this language in a range of fields including:

  • THE ARTS: Make simple animations and design your own creative patterns. Emphasis will be placed on iterative and recursive techniques. Simple techniques employed in 3D stereographic imaging will be covered. Simple optical illusions will be explained and designed in processing.

  • PHYSICAL & ENGINEERING SCIENCES: Model simple physical processes and visualize their motions (pendulum motion). Visualize dynamic models of physical phenomenon (introduce students to the logistic map and touch on chaos theory).

  • MEDICAL & BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES: Learn how to manipulate digital images and apply a variety of

digital filters to enhance and modify images (edge detection, smoothing, and motion detection). Learn how to create visual representations of scientific data (bar and pie graphs that change with time).

  • INTERFACING WITH THE PHYSICAL WORLD: Processing integrates smoothly with Arduino (an inexpensive microcontroller). Learn how to control mechanical devices using the computer (steer stepper motors or a small mechanical device using the computer mouse or keyboard, measure).