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2 Sigma Education

There is no better way to learn than one-on-one instruction. 

Educational research has repeatedly shown that one-on-one instruction is the best learning method for improving student outcomes, focus, and confidence. The most-cited educational study on the topic, led by Benjamin Bloom of the University of Chicago, concluded that students receiving one-on-one instruction perform two standard deviations better than students in a traditional classroom.

However, given the constraints of traditional classrooms and resources, one-on-one instruction is virtually impossible. 

Using the 2 Sigma Education model, teachers can spend over 80% of their teaching time in individual or small group settings.

The 2 Sigma model achieves a high level of one-on-one instruction - without additional staff - in three ways: 

1.  Optimization of teacher and student time
2. Proven, personalized learning software
3. Real-time tracking of student progress

The 2 Sigma model has already been implemented in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade, with 4th and 5th Grades in development.