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The iPad: Integrating Curriculum and Technology

Using computing technology is nothing new to classroom learning at HALB.

Our school employs a number of Chromebook carts, laptop carts, and SMART Boards throughout the building spanning all academic disciplines. However, we have witnessed a continued rise in the need for personal computing devices in our classrooms. HALB is taking this step in order to enlarge the repertoire of teaching and learning tools available to our students and teachers. Based upon our research of cost, simplicity of use, and application considerations, we have determined that ideal device is the iPad. With the iPad, the 1:1 Program brings a variety of exciting and Tablet devices offer an infinite number of learning applications for our students. At its most basic level, the iPad tablet can become a content delivery device for academic course resources such as e-textbooks, iBooks, teacher-generated handouts, maps, articles, and audio/video files; it can also serve as the student’s notebook and homework organizer. In addition to seamless integration with the Haiku Learning Management System (LMS), even the most simple iPad functions can assist students significantly in daily course preparation, class work organization, and homework.

With iPads, our classroom materials go way beyond the classroom walls. We have access to over 80,000 educational apps, interactive books on every subject, speeches, virtual tours, and videos from experts and institutions around the world.

Students don’t just watch, listen, or read with iPad — they create with it. Free with every iOS device, Photos, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers and Keynote turn every assignment into something big. A photo documentary. A multimedia presentation. A riveting research project. Suddenly, the work they need to do becomes work they want to do — on a device they love to use.

Everyone learns differently. With just a few taps, we can customize our students’ iPad with materials that fit their level and learning style. For students who learn best by listening, we can download a podcast from iTunes U on Newton’s laws of motion. And for those who learn through tactile interaction, we'll find an app that lets them shoot arrows at a target. The wide range of content across subjects and grades also makes it easy to tailor iPad for students at a variety of learning levels.