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Clubs give students the opportunity to learn new skills, develop their passions, and have fun in the process.


Budding musicians have the opportunity to develop their individual talents.  The DRS band performs at our many chagigot.


Intramurals provide the opportunity for students to participate in one of their favorite sports activities. It offers team competition on a relaxed level.


Many students take advantage during club hour to learn a little extra in our beautiful beit medrash.


Chess develops concentration, logical reasoning and critical thinking. Members compete with teams from other Yeshivot.


Students take their computer skills to the next level in this club. web design, photo and movie editing as well as other advanced applications are featured topics.


The Cooking Club instructs fundamentals of the culinary arts. Recipes range from soup to apple crisp and everything in between. Of course, the boys enjoy the fruits of their labor fresh from the oven.


Open to 9th graders only, students involved in this football league play on the DRS sports field. Teams vie for the yeshiva championship.


The HALB Political Action Committee serves as the Yeshiva’s pro-Israel lobby. HPAC members become involved in various programs which help make Israel more secure by ensuring that American support remains strong.


In an effort to bring Jewish children closer to their heritage, DRS students become involved in Kiruv in the public school environment.


Journalism gives students the opportunity to develop their creative writing skills and learn about layout and design. Proficiency in these areas assists students in producing the various yeshiva publications.


Students learn the fundamentals of self-defense in this popular club. It is an excellent way to improve eye-hand and eye-foot coordination as well as flexibility and balance while getting a fun cardiovascular workout in the process.


Boys enjoy watching and discussing Hollywood classics during this student run club. What would a good movie be without whipping up a batch of popcorn, a necessity for movie watching.


Students learn the fundamental principles and methods of scientific research and are guided in a project   involving an experiment of their own design.  Upon attainment of the appropriate research background, students wishing to prepare for the Intel Science Competition may apply for a research opportunity at a college or university. Students who demonstrate exceptional ability and interest in science are encouraged to participate in this club.


Students balance along a narrow, flexible webbing which is low to the ground and anchored between two trees. Originating in the climbing world, slacklining has evolved into a cross trainer, backyard activity and sport all of its own.


Intramurals provide the opportunity for students to participate in one of their favorite sports activities. It offers team competition on a relaxed level.


Students enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Spanish Club. They play Monopoly, Scrabble, Concentration and Bingo in Spanish. This stress-free environment provides the boys with the opportunity to express themselves in a new language while enjoying a bit of friendly competition.


This club teaches the fundamentals of the Japanese art of sushi.  Students create their own sushi rolls each week.


DRS is privileged to be one of the selected high schools to host the Gruss-Excellence 2000 (E2K) Enrichment Program.  This enhanced Science curriculum was designed in Israel and is available to students in grades nine and ten. E2K provides an exciting hands-on learning experience.

E2K challenges and inspires students to take their knowledge and instincts to a higher level.  Participants advance through their own efforts and discover their individual abilities and potential to succeed.  Unique study units have been created by the Center for Excellence specifically for use in these classes.  E2K fosters ingenuity and leadership, and promotes curiosity, individual thinking and exploration.   In addition, this program helps students develop skills to thrive and succeed throughout their lives.

As DRS expands its student offerings, our E2K program will offer robotics.  Using Lego education, students have the opportunity to be active participants in their learning process.  This course utilizes the Mindstorms NXT software providing our boys with hands-on experience to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, artists and designers.


Walking through the halls of DRS at the end of the school day, one can hear the musical notes of flutes, trombones, saxophones, trumpets, violins, pianos, guitars and clarinets wafting up through the hallways.  Each week, close to 125 students divided into different instrument groups, gather to practice on different days to learn their particular instrument under the direction of talented professional music instructors. These accomplished musicians who perform professionally, have captured the imagination of the students, the DRS Orchestral Music Program has become very popular among our students. The excitement engendered with the delivery of the instruments, the sheet music method books and music stands has spread throughout the Yeshiva. The orchestral music program complements our music appreciation program and provides choice and flexibility for students in completing the New York State Regents requirements in the arts.  Students in the program continually thank the administration for implementing this program.