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Students who enjoy creative writing, photography, layout and design are encouraged to join the staff of one of the Yeshiva’s student publications. The wide array of journals offered allows students to become involved in their particular field of interest.


The “DRS Address” is a student produced weekly interactive email that is sent to over two thousand members of the greater DRS-HALB family. It contains articles, photos, and videos produced by students about the activities and events taking place in the Yeshiva. It also serves as a valuable resource for disseminating important school information such as calendars and schedules for upcoming events.


This quarterly newspaper is the official paper of the DRS student body. The “DRS Star” gives students the opportunity to voice their opinions about local and world events. Students learn the art of reporting, layout and design as well as newspaper publication and distribution.


This publication of the Language Arts Department demonstrates our students’ writing talents. It showcases their short stories, personal narratives and poetry.


Our outstanding weekly Torah publication, “D’varim Hayotzim Min Halev”, distributes over 700 copies per week, to more than forty shuls in the Five Towns, Far Rockaway, Queens, Brooklyn, Oceanside, and West Hempstead. It features articles on the weekly Parsha, as well as Halacha articles, Torah trivia, Gematrias and stories of Torah giants. Students execute the layout, write and edit the articles, and handle the distribution.


Each year, DRS publishes a volume of original Torah ideas and Talmudic analyses of our Rabbeim and students called “Mesamchei Lev”. Students are encouraged to write articles in Hebrew or English summarizing challenging material they are studying in their Gemora classes, as well as their own insights into the Sugya. The publishing of the Sefer inspires our students to work hard at mastering a section of Gemora to a level worth putting it into print. Rabbi Yehuda Balsam, The Faculty advisor, as well as the boys’ individual Rebbes, work with the students to help them develop their ideas and prepare the articles for print.


The Yeshiva’s annual Spanish language magazine, “Ole”, provides the opportunity for students to demonstrate their Spanish language prowess through a variety of articles they write about Judaic and Spanish history, holidays and cultural events in Spanish. Included in the magazine are games, puzzles and original artwork.


Each year the senior class devotes enormous amounts of time and energy to produce “Derachim”, the DRS yearbook. It serves as a written record of their high school years. Students join together using humor, literary talent, art and photography while building their journalistic, business, editing and leadership skills.