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DRS is committed to helping all of our students interested in applying to to Israeli Yeshivot. We work with the students and their parents to understand the aspirations, interests and concerns of each individual young man. Rabbi Elly Storch, our Associate Principal of Judaic Studies, also serves as our Director of Israel Guidance.

Our goal is threefold:

  1. To help the students make the right choices.
  2. To act as facilitator.
  3. To insure that the process is a pleasant and meaningful experience.

Ultimately, we want every student to find the right “match” so that he can continue to learn and grow academically and religiously in her post high school years.


  • What do I want to gain most from my year in Israel?
  • Which Yeshiva will best provide for these goals?
  • With what type of peers do I want to spend my year? With close friends or do I want to meet new people?
  • Do I want people who are ahead of me or those that will grow and mature along with me?
  • What skills would I like to have by the end of my year in Israel?
  • Am I self motivated or do I need a Yeshiva that will motivate me?
  • Do I want a Yeshiva that offers more time in shiur or one that devotes more time to chevruta study?
  • Do I want to be in Yerushalayim or would I prefer to be elsewhere?
  • Do I want Rabbeim who will closely guide my development or would I prefer to grow at my own pace and discretion?
  • Am I looking for a yeshiva that plans and provides many extra activities or one whose focus is mainly/only on learning?
  • How do I picture myself at the end of the year? Which Yeshiva will help me get to that point?
  • Do I want my shiur to be in Hebrew, English or do I have no preference?
  • Do I want to be with Israelis or exclusively with Americans?
  • Have I spoken with alumni of the Yeshivot that I am considering?
  • Have I inquired about the supervision and vacation policy of the Yeshiva?
  • Does the Yeshiva offer college credit?
  • Do I want a large Yeshiva (300+), a mid-sized Yeshiva (100-200) or will I do best in a small Yeshiva (30-70 boys)?
  • Are the facilities (dining, sports, dormitories) important to me?
  • What type of Rabbeim are there at the Yeshiva? Do they keep contact with the boys after their time in Israel?